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2018 Winter / Spring

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Special offers for
milling, drilling, and grooving / cut-off solutions

Milling Solutions

Milling Solutions

Discounted Milling KitsCost-effective milling kits available for the MFH-RAPTOR, MFH-Mini, MFH-Micro, MFPN, and RAD-6 milling cutters
Kits include 1 holder and 10 or 20 compatible inserts

Download the Milling Promo PDF below for complete details.

Download Milling Promo PDF

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The MFH-RAPTOR high feed mills are quickly moving through North America as the first choice for high feed milling applications.


MFH-RAPTOR Mini and Micro are the newest addition to the MFH high feed milling family with a wide range of smaller diameters.

MFH-Mini/Micro >>

The MRX radius cutter lowers cutting costs and increases machining efficiency with low cutting forces and a wide range of applications.

RAD-6 (MRX) >>

The MFPN provides exceptional performance with low cutting forces and reduced chattering with 10 usable cutting edges per insert.


Drilling Solutions

Drilling Solutions

Discounted DRA and DRZ Magic Drill KitsCost-effective drilling kits available for DRA Magic Drills and DRZ Magic Drills
Kits include 1 DRA drill body and 1 compatible insert tip or 1 DRZ drill body and 10 compatible inserts

Download the Drilling Promo PDF below for complete details

Download Drilling Promo PDF

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DRA Magic Drill

Introducing our new DRA Magic Drill with excellent hole accuracy and a low cutting force design. The optimal web thickness limits deflection.

DRA Magic Drill >>
DRZ Magic Drill

Stable and efficient drilling with our popular DRZ Magic Drill. Single insert in both pockets and four cutting edges per insert promotes cost savings and increased efficiency.

DRZ Magic Drill >>

Grooving & Cut-Off Solutions

Grooving Solutions

Discounted KGD SwitchBlade-style and Integral-style Grooving Holder KitsCost-effective grooving / cut-off kits available for KGD SwitchBlade and KGD Integral holders
Kits include 1 KGD holder and 10 compatible GDM inserts

Download the Grooving Promo PDF below for complete details.

Download Grooving Promo PDF

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KGD Integral

Integral-style KGD grooving / cut-off holders for optimum overhand length, low-rigidity machines, and workpieces or limited work space

KGD Grooving / Cut-Off >>
KGD SwitchBlade

SwtichBlade-style KGD grooving / cut-off holders with replaceable blades for various types of grooving and cut-off operations

KGD Grooving / Cut-Off >>

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